Saturday, January 8, 2011

Kitty Power!

Extremely playful kitties!

Rohit Burbure

Name : Chotoo
Age : About a month or two
Color : Black & white with yellow eyes
Diet : Whiskas Junior (ocean fish flavor). Loves fresh fish as well
Vaccinations/deworming : Done
Nature : Super friendly & adaptable. Loves to cuddle & sleep at all times. Good with dogs as long as they're friendly & playful in return. Though he may take a while to adjust
Gender : Male

Dilnaz Hiramaneck

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Cute Bruno

Bruno is energetic and trained for her daily routine.


Age: 5 months
Sex: Female
Vaccination: yes
Boosters: yes
De-worming: yes

Puran Pandey:
M- 9766318801
Nikhil Jha

Dear All,
A few days back, we found a very cute little puppy a few blocks from our street, shivering in the cold December chill of Aundh, Pune. It seemed to be crying, so first we thought it might be hungry and lost, but later realized that it was bleeding profusely. We took him home and next day got an amazing doctor, to take care of his wounds and give him the required vaccines.
We have named this cute little miracle on four legs, Bholu [pictures attached]. Bholu's only mission in life seems to be, "Eat, play, love." He is really innocent and gets so happy every time he sees us. He is also very sharp and a quick learner. He is away from his mother, with complete strangers and in a new home. Despite this, he is always cheerful, frolicking and spreading his sweetness.
Both of us travel extensively, sometimes for weeks and we are looking to see if we can find him a loving home. If you or your friends are in Pune or Ahmedabad and looking to adopt this male puppy, then please call or email us immediately.
Bholu & Friends [Nirali Shah, Samir Patel]
Ph: 8888014976